3 Traits Of Terrible Clients That Will Make You Think Twice About Working With Others
Written by Ashley Taylor on Aug. 17th 2019
 1. Never Ending Micro Edits
'Move that left’, ‘change the blue colour to a more bluey blue’. 

I’m positive that every web design/dev business has encountered clients that are never satisfied with how something looks, and it drags everything out and never seems to end. 
These types of clients also change their mind faster than the weather, and say things like ‘Can you just do this, it should be a quick job’, although it can be difficult to identify and prevent them early on, something I’d recommend to highly reduce working with these types of people, is setting the standards.

Ensure the client knows you’re the authority from day one.
You are the one that understands conversions, and optimization better than they ever could, and they’re hiring you because you’re the expert.

You have the talent to bring their ideas to life, but at the same time don’t just build pretty pages for the sake of it. Conversions, sales and getting results are ultimately what matter in every business.
When a potential client understands, your life will become much easier, and there won't be half as many problems and never ending micro edits, having to justify every placement of things.
 2. The Financially Challenging 
'I would, but you see, the way I got my bank account set up, I got a checkings account and a savings account, but all my money is in my savings, so I gotta switch it to my checkings, but it's gonna take 3 business days... (Haha good old Kevin Hart).
This seems to be one of the most common traits amongst all of the worst types of clients on earth, they want you to deliver everything for them, but they will do anything in the power to either not pay you for it, or ensure it takes weeks before the money is transferred.

Early indicators to avoid working with these types of people come during your initial consultation / strategy call. You will hear them say things like:

- ‘I have a lot of other projects and if this one goes well, I’ll be using you for sure!’
- ‘This is a trial project just to make sure all is good’
- ‘X Company said they can do it for $X less than you’.
- ‘I can’t pay a deposit today, can I just pay next week?’
- They try to negotiate on price, or ask you to itemize every single cost to show how you came up with the project amount.

However, often people are excited about getting their new website live and will pay the deposit there and then, but getting the final 50% of the project can sometimes be troubling.
So a great prevention we’ve used, is in the initial contract agreement, setting clear terms and conditions of payments, and include a late pay % clause.

Example: If you finish a project, and it’s live on the 1st month, after 7 days of no payment, issue a 15% additional late payment fee clause.

The client knowing this, and signing the contract will hugely reduce any delayed payment fees in future.
3. Crap Communicators 
Finally, the third trait to look out for in terrible clients is that they literally have no idea what they’re looking for. They are often types of people with huge energy and try to speak fast, and everything needs to happen NOW! Everything needs to move as fast as possible, deadlines aren’t important, you need to be 24/7/365 on this project, because they believe it’s also the most important thing in your life.
Then when you send then your onboarding documents, contracts, standards + instructions, they skip absolutely everything, and have no ability to communicate or actually provide any content of substance to aid the project.

They are lax with handing over log ins, don’t update any site material you’ve asked for, and sometimes don’t even have a solid offer in place for their visitors. They just expect something to be done, but they even clear on what needs to be done.

Other signs to look out for:

- Bad mouthing previous contractors / hires
- Micromanaging
- Slow to do anything, then moan about deadlines. Example: Taking five days to hand you over a piece of content you’ve asked for, ignoring all messages from you, and then within 30 seconds of sending to you, expecting everything done.
- Not replying to emails or messages (unresponsive)
- Totally ignoring any standards you have set, using your custom drives, slack for communication etc.
- Deciding they have the right to call you at 11pm at night.
Let us know any other terrible traits you’ve received during your time in your web design business!

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Ashley Taylor

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