Big Industry Pressure Is Crushing Local 
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Written by Ashley Taylor on Jul. 12th 2019
Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Godaddy, 1&1… The list goes on, these companies have made it easier for everyday people to launch a shiny new website online, for just a few dollars a month in just a couple of days.
Let’s rewind, back in 2004 you could sell a pretty terrible website created in adobe Dreamweaver for upwards of $5,000+ with little resistance. They weren’t really optimized, link / sales tracking barely existed, aesthetics never really mattered that much either.

Everything was new, and the wealthier people wanted one. The only thing people seemed to care about was being seen on Google, and the ‘hit counter’ people placed on the bottoms of their websites to track how many people had seen them.

However, times have changed. Design has taken quantum leaps, tracking is now crucial, websites need to be optimized for sales and conversion events and the industry has become more saturated than ever. 

Just a quick google search of ‘web design’ shows companies battling for advertising space, for just £199. We’ve seen the majority of companies are selling websites between £99-299.
There are hundreds of businesses
That are currently competing just in local markets to be the best in their area, prioritising network meetings, and boasting local business awards to show they’re the best.
However, the harsh realistic truth, is the vast majority of these businesses are struggling just to survive, with no sign of anything turning around.

Introducing, the new model – Web Funnels.

We identified that the amount of money you could charge for a website was plummeting, and fast! Competition was crazy, and people’s level of sophistication has evolved. The idea of creating a website didn’t scare the local business owner anymore, everywhere they look, they see a Youtube ad, or a banner telling them to build their own website with Wix. What used to be an easy high ticket sale, was becoming more difficult.

It seemed that the only companies making real money in the web design space were the ones partnering with huge corporations and media companies, they’re super niched, and not focussing on helping local area businesses.

The smaller businesses are being crushed every day. They are trying to ‘Out-cheap’ others, and deliver unlimited everything, free web hosting, free logos etc… Doing anything they can to try and deliver more than the nearest competitor at a better price.

So we knew we had to find a new way, and stand out, getting back to higher ticket sales again, and before long, we soon started selling ‘Web Funnels’ also known as ‘Sales funnels’ frequently upwards of $5000+, and sometimes over $15,000+. We still build and sell them to businesses every week, as well as run certified education programs for businesses to learn the new way.

Our Web funnels have generated clients real, trackable results to their businesses, in the millions of dollars. Which makes the higher price point a very low resistance sell to companies, when we can predictably systemize their business growth online.

This has ultimately helped us sell even more Web Funnels. There’s been no need to compete against local businesses, we have clients globally, coming to us, meeting our requirements. We don’t attend networking meetings delivering 60 second pitches and handing out business cards, and we’ve built systems and processes creating a scalable model to deliver clients profound results, in the shortest time possible, whilst we profit unselfishly.

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